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George Aligator
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Dr. B
Nov 10 2017, 05:52 PM
Interesting topic. Communal living is the ideal Christian lifestyle, it is true. But the ideology of class consciousness i find to be totally different.
I agree with you. Communal living (e.g. Qumran group) like circumcision and the law of kashrut, was a pillar of the Jerusalem disciples led by James which Paul simply dismissed in the churches he founded around the Mediterranean. How much of the original Jesus was left and how much was displaced by various Greco-Roman myths and mystery cults is a fascinating (to me) subject which has been revolutionized by discoveries and hermeneutics in the last century.

In becoming the established church of the Roman Empire, Paul's cult of the Christ was forced to make many serious revisions in order to form a support ideology for the ruling elite, a process which continued until the present day in various forms.
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