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George Aligator
Nov 12 2017, 12:59 PM
There is a rapidly growing consensus that the Jesus of faith is not an historical figure. The academic debate now centers on whether there was some obscure Galilean rabbi about whom various myths and miracle stories were attached or whether, in fact, there never was any such grain of sand at the center of the Christian pearl. As the connections between Biblical and non-Jewish religious material becomes better known from archeological evidence, the latter view is gaining weight.

However, it is bad scholarship as well as bad manners to assume that myth is bullsh*t simply because it is not historical fact. History may be likened to a photograph of a person while myth is a sort of x-ray. All the material which the Bible shares with other religions has much to tell us about the human past and the human mind. The line dividing history and myth is indeed of critical importance; however, it divides two valuable epistemologies, it does not divide truth and nonsense.
I believe it was in the 1600's academics first started to publicly challenge the myth of jesus. It was a dangerous thing to do in those days. Reverence for the church started to accelerate, I think, in the early 1950's perhaps partly as a repercussion from the war.

It really got going in the 1960's as more and more people got better educated and felt freer to speak their minds.

Then, archeological science started to reveal how little in the bible bore any relationship to reality or historical fact thus encouraging more and more people to, not only think for themselves, but speak out against the eons old tyranny of religion.

As science continues to develop more and better research tools, religious mythology will continue to be eroded.

I think the theory of some Galilean Rabbi is more about trying to retain some of the xian myth than anything.

It hasn't helped the mythicists that the Qumran Chronicles made absolutely no mention of such a person or any of the hijinks credited to the mythical man. A fact which so irritated the RCC they tried to keep serious (non-catholic) researchers from viewing the scrolls for over 30 years.

I fail to see any bad manners in pointing out the emperor has no clothes. I do see making such a statement as an effort, steeped perhaps in political correctness, to stifle the outspoken.

Ancient myths can certainly reveal much about our predecessors, that is no reason to cling to them in this modern age.
Religion in general and xianity in particular, is the worst scourge, the foulest plague to ever beset mankind.
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